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A horrifying video showing a swarm of maggots in a woman’s mouth is doing the rounds on the internet. The clip has been shot by a dentist who discovered the crawling insects inside the mouth of a patient.


According to the Daily Mail, the patient has her bottom lip tugged by the dentist to reveal the infestation of maggots which are mostly found in rotten meat.

The yellow teeth and poor conditions of the gums visible in the video clearly depicts bad oral hygiene. As the doctors pulls the upper lip of the patients, scores of maggots can be seen between her gums.

The patient is believed to be suffering from myiasis in which the tissues of the oral cavity is infected by parasites. It usually results from poor oral hygiene and is often found in people living under hot weather conditions

The video has over 3,000 views so far and is believed to have been shot in India.

In March 2015, a similar footage showed a young girl’s gums infected by maggots.