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BuherKadal Badshah termed as sangbazz downtown team, stubborn in nature and stubborn in attitude. This team is led by vast experience of Imran Malik and Ajaz Bhat.

Imran Malik know for is resilience and patience is a well disciplined person and a leader. Its believed this man is capable to lead his team in to the finals of Prestigious KSL Finals.

The team is sponsored by Etihad Group and Owned by Mr. Ajaz Bhat

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Dachigam Hanguls is a new exciting team in PSI -Kashmir Super League Edition 2.

This team name is dedicated to the Kashmir endangered Hanguls. This team supports the protection of Kashmir Hanguls and team initiative is to create awareness about the Hanguls.

The endangered Hangul , also known as Kashmir deer , is in the throes of extinction, largely because of human intrusions and domestic livestock grazing at its only habitat in Kashmir.

Wildlife experts and activists claim they have been raising the alarm, calling for stringent measures to check human intrusions at Srinagar’s famed Dachigam National Park, the main concentration of the endangered elk species.

The 1947 Hangul census recorded its number at 2,000. The massive decline was mainly attributed to poaching then. The last census was done in 2011 when its population was found just over 200, according to the wildlife department figures.

We welcome team Dachigam Hangul ,termed as Beasts in Cricket Arena. This team is a dynamic mix of young and experience.

Team is led by most experienced veteran players Mr. Amjad Khan and a passionate cricketer Mr. Sajjad Shawl. This team is believed to have the attitude and aptitude to achieve, and succeed which will help it go long way in the tournement.

Team Sponsored by Power Solution Industries Managed and owned by Mr. Sajjad Shawl.

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Over three lakh migratory birds visit this wetland apart from Dal lake from as far away as Siberia, Europe, Turkey, China, Philippines and Kazakhstan between September and April annually.

The Message is clear, we will not tolerate any encroachments of these water bodies and the menace which is threatening the existence of Hokersar. We are playing for the existence and pride in support for saving the HOKERSAR Lake and wetlands of our beloved Kashmir.

We are playing to create awareness and we will win the ultimate glory and fulfil the cause we are carrying along with us. Our Glory will be the glory for all coots, greylag geese, mallards, teals, shovellers, pintails, gadwalls, wigeons, and purple moorhens in the reserve besides local birds who visit the wetlands and will continue to do so for the ages.

We welcome Hokarser Rangers as protectors who have taken a pledge and will come hard and overcome on every hindrance to reach the ultimate pride and glory.

Team sponsored by Mr. Sohail Iqbal

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One of the most flamboyant teams of KSL , This team is know for having stars and players giving star performances. This team makes stars and with the likes of Iffi Mir and Majid Manzoor this team is capable of achieving the unthinkable. Lets welcome Lal Bazar Lions the epitome of star-cast.

A star wicket keeper batsman behind the stumps and a leading star batsman from the infield makes this team the achiever of success.

Sponsored by Al Iejaz Plastics Pipes Ind. and Owned by Mr. Ajaz Majid Naqash

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Many historians agree that Kashmir’s Lal Chowk (Red Square) was named after the renowned Red Square of Moscow.

Many politicians have made fiery and passionate speeches at Ghanta Ghar, some made promises and pledges of plebiscite while others hoisted flags of either India or Pakistan.

It was at Srinagar’s Lal Chowk that India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the Indian national flag (tricolour) in 1948.

Interestingly, it is the same place where he promised Kashmir is a referendum to choose their political future.

Lal Chowk is considered the heart of Srinagar and is the capital’s town square and surrounding bazaar, set near a curve in the Jhelum River where Residency Road leads toward the Amira Kadal Bridge.

Lal Chowk is Srinagar’s city square with shops and restaurants all around. Bazaars are on all sides of Lal Chowk, including the streets which border the square.

The name of each bazaar changes according to the narrow lanes which cut through their markets. There are smaller bazaars elsewhere in Srinagar, but Lal Chowk’s are the best.

we welcome team Lal Chowk Leapords  “the city boys “who support the city heritage and tourism in the valley and they have taken a pledge to support and spread awareness about the beauty of Kashmir and its city charms. Team Lal Chowk led by experienced captain Mr. Arif who vast expierence and skills can taken any team to the path of glory.

Team sponsored by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed

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“The most difficult in the world is to appreciate

what we have – until we lose it”

It is said that art and architecture of a place is the barometer of its culture. It reflects the tradition, values and perception of the people. What we have in Kashmir is on the verge of extinction or destruction. We seem to be losing our heritage and ignoring our history.

Jamia Masjid in Nawhatta was built by Sultan Sikander, its foundation being laid in A.D. 1398. It was later expanded by his successor and son, Zain-ul-Abideen. He also established an Islamic school near it.
This mosque got damaged by fire many times. The final restoration was done by Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. From his time down to 1914, the mosque witnessed steady deterioration. There were repairs made by the Afghan governors, closure in the Sikh regime, unsuccessful repairs in the Dogra times.

Nowhatta Rebels is not only a word for rebellious stature, it is an attitude our boys carry to save guard our legacy, history and culture. We are at a mission to safe guard Kashmiri authenticity. We support KASHMIR and we are the inhabitants of Sheher-e-Khas. We are born to win , strive & struggle to achieve the path of truth.
We are at a mission to glorify Kashmiri heritage and culture, our rebels will fight at KSL 2 to achieve the pride and glory and we will spread the word of kashmiriyat though every battle we win.

We welcome Nowhatta Rebells the fighters, led by explosive Mahfooz Ilahi who will strive, struggle and fight for the ultimate glory.

Team sponsored and owned by Rebel Moin Qazi & Jibran Mantoo

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In a week when sport punditry seems to be the subject of every front page as well as back, it seemed appropriate that this old gem came to mind who is never old for the cricket, we welcome Naseer Hazari a veteran professional cricketer holding the responsibility of notorious downtown Raze Kadal.

Team Razey Kadal superheroes have the perfect superhero to take them to the title glory of PSI KSL Edition 2

Team owner Mr. Hilal Rather must be proud to have this old gem in his belly who has already won the first KSL Title.

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We introduce you a team which likes to live in shadows and has a tendency of surprising its opponents on a given day. This team has created a legacy by losing only one game in Kashmir super league and that was the finals of KSL 2016, here isn’t one game you can point to here, but there’s enough here to fear a capable underdog playing its best cricket so far in UAE.

With the likes of Moh Sen as a super star player leading the side ,Rajbagh royals have become invincible to the fear of defeat and is expected to do well and reach the finals yet again but cricket being an unpredictable game , team Rajbagh has to work hard to achieve this glory second time in a row.

Team Rajbagh sponsored by Woodshapers and owned by Mr. Mudasir Qureshi

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Their is no introduction needed for this team. This team won million of hearts in KSL season 1 winning the championship in a nail bitter game. Safakadal was being chanted in every home back in kashmir . This downtown team has a super fan following and any team playing against stars faces the rivalry of super fans. They are defending their title this season and its believed that will come against all odds to win the title once again. This team consists of star players and their captain Mr. Younis Lala is all set to start the KSL journey once again and push his team to the glory second time in a row.


Qalandars, among us are those persons who may enjoy freedom from the ties and bounds of time and space. We support Sufism and we are mast qalanders.

We welcome Soura Qalanders a team powered by spirituality and enthusiasm ready to battle it out for the pride and glory to be the ultimate winners of KSL Edition 2

Qalanders is led by a veteran speedster of his time. Mr. Fasahat Shafi who is limitless on a given day when it matters the most.

Team sponsored by Mr. Shakeel Rather and Co-Sponsored by Dr. Shamim Qaiser and Dr. Rouf Jaan.

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He has been an exquisite cricketer and an equally great mentor. He is a Certified Level 2 Coach and has coached a U-19 team in the ECB National Championship. He captains United Challengers, players for Chinar Cricket Club in the UAE. He had previously lead Khankah Gladiators, , in the Kashmir Super League 1 2016. He is a real sultan of cricket with a sea of experience and this time he is leading non other than Srinagar Sultans

We welcome Srinagar Sultans a new addition to Power Solution industries – Kashmir Super League Edition 2 under the leadership of Ajaz Bakshi

Team Sponsored by Otium and owned by Mr.Taseer Buchh

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