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Dachigam Hanguls is a new exciting team in PSI -Kashmir Super League Edition 2.

The concept of “Hanguls” when interview Mr. Sajad Shawl , Sajad said, the team name is dedicated to the Kashmir endangered Hanguls. Our team supports the protection of Kashmir Hanguls and team initiative is to create awareness about the Hanguls.

Sajad Shawl during PSI KSI Edition 2 player auctions.

dsc_0117_2The endangered Hangul , also known as Kashmir deer , is in the throes of extinction, largely because of human intrusions and domestic livestock grazing at its only habitat in Kashmir.
Wildlife experts and activists claim they have been raising the alarm, calling for stringent measures to check human intrusions at Srinagar’s famed Dachigam National Park, the main concentration of the endangered elk species.

The 1947 Hangul census recorded its number at 2,000. The massive decline was mainly attributed to poaching then. The last census was done in 2011 when its population was found just over 200, according to the wildlife department figures.

Sajad Shawl the owner of Power Solution Industries GCC, title sponsor of Kashmir Super League Edition 2 and the franchise owner of Dachigam Hangul had well thought of the team name in support of Kashmir Hangul and his team drive to support this noble cause.

Soon after the KSL 2 Auctions Mr. Amjad Khan a well know International Cricketer has been allotted the responsibility to lead the team in the tournament. Mr. Amjad has one month to develop the team into the tournament and introduce the best combination.

Dachigam Hangul Captain Amjad Khan during PSI KSL Edition 2 Player auctions.

Amjad Khan with sea of experience is all set to the new challenge and its believed his experience and expertise will help the team to go long in the tournament.

Hanguls have some well know star cricketers in the side including the likes of Sajad Shawl, Furkaan ,Owais Shah ,Imad Rehman and Sayed Owais who are professional cricketers and capable to dismantle any good side.

The team has started their new sessions in ICC Academy and will be trained and coached by Amjad Khan himself, the team will play their first warmup friendly game against Nawhatta Rebels which is a star team lead by Mr. Mahfooz Illahi and Owned by Moin Qazi.

The team will go in full swing on Friday against Nawhatta Rebels to attain the necessary momentum and confidence before the start of the tournament games starting January 2017.

The friendly match will help the team to find the best combination and will help players to adjust the new wicket conditons.

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