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Man ACCEPTS Islam 10 Months After Son Was Killed for Converting..

It was 10 months ago that Faisal of Kodinhi was allegedly murdered by Sangh Parivar activists for converting to Islam. He was allegedly killed by a gang along with the support of his relatives, who feared that he would convert more members of his family.

Since his death, his mother, father, and eight other family members have embraced Islam.

His father, Ananthakrishnan, recently converted to Islam at the Mounathul Islam Sabha in Ponnani and changed his name to Muhammed Musthafa, reports The Times of India. According to the daily, Musthafa learned Islam at the Popular Front of India’s Sathyasarani religious study centre in Manjeri. A relative told TNM that Musthafa converted out of his own interest.

Meenakshi, Faisal’s mother, converted to  Islam in December 2016, a month after his death. In July 2017, two of Faisal’s sisters, his brother-in-law, and five children of the family embraced Islam.

Faisal P, alias Aneesh Kumar, was hacked to death in Malappuram on 19 November 2016, a year after he converted to Islam. Police have arrested 16 people affiliated to the RSS, including Faisal’s brother-in-law Vinodh, in connection with the case.

According to the police, Vinodh had threatened Faisal for converting to Islam and had killed him out of anger. All the accused are currently out on bail.

On 24 August 2017, one of the accused in the Faizal murder case, Bibin (25), an RSS worker, was hacked to death in BP Angadi of Malappuram allegedly by SDPI workers. Police have said it could be a possible revenge killing.

According to reports, the entire family was shifted from the religious study centre at Ponnani to the Sathyasarani study centre in Manjeri due to security concerns.

(This article was originally published in 
The News Minute, and has been republished here with permission.)

Article Source : The Quint