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OMG ! Wasim Akram And Shoaib Akhtar’s New TV Show Is Definitely NOT What Everyone Expected

For the past week, we’ve been seeing a lot of Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar.

They both are hosting this new game show on Geo this Ramazan, and we were like, “it can’t get any worse” than the disastrous last year, right?

They had been throwing promos and trying hard to make us all laugh

Although this ad, and others, were totally cringe worthy. To be honest, they were also slightly disturbing to watch. They’re both trying to be cute, but it just isn’t working, like at all,

But it wasn’t like people were super pumped for this new show

So the day of the first episode finally dawned.

We all fasted, got hungry, complained, had iftaar and then tuned in. But the initial reactions weren’t all that brilliant.

Things were definitely not off to a good start 

The sad thing is, this *little* stunt must have gotten GEO some good ratings, so we’ll just see more of this madness. These ‘game shows’ have all just become the same, overexcited host and unnecessarily silly games. Everyone is just trying to one-up each other, and what do we have left? Grown and bearded men in saaris. It’s a little scary to think what these shows will make up tomorrow.

Be safe, and watch with caution. Kahin aap bhi humare taray shock mein chalay jaye.