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Gautam Gambhir wants to Kill 100 jehadis in Kashmir to get back his place in Indian National Cricket Team

Reacting to the video being shared on social media that shows youth hitting paramilitary troopers forced out of polling stations, cricketer Gautam Gambhir has called for killing of “100 Jihadis for every slap on my army’s jawan”.

“For every slap on my army’s Jawan lay down at least a 100 jihadi lives, tweeted Gambhir.
we would suggest Gautam Gambhir should join army now and start hunting down Jehadies in Kashmir, since he is not making it back to Indian cricket Team & the toll of this frustration is now been seen on social media.Many are of the view that when Akshay Kumar can get a national award  for such a horrible performance in Movie” Rustom ” then why cant Gautam Gambhir make it back  to the Indian cricket team. Any publicity with reference to excessive patriotism in India is nowadays considered an winning edge in impressing political parties in power. An individual who talks opening about saving cows over humans , lynching muslims responsible for cow trade or even people talking about killing Protestors in Kashmir have an direct invitation to successful carriers and awards.