9 SIMPLE ways to make Braid chopper run for his life

  1. Carry a sharp weapon or camp knife with you always when traveling alone OUT OF HOUSE ..
  2. Carry a water bottle mixed with hot red Kashmiri chili powder ,IF ATTACKED just pour it on his face and i m sure he will beg for mercy

  3. Since its already cold in kashmir  choose your fire pot (kangree ) wisely. It should be strong and of good quality

  4. Women are mostly cooking  if suddenly your salt or pepper has finished and you urgently need to go out please carry the Kashmiri big walnut wood choncha (Spoon ) with you. its comes handy and has the power to smash things without being damaged

  5. we all have grass cutting knives(droth) at all home. please carry it along with you which scares people anyway and braid cutters will run away noticing it from far away
  6. very important tool is all kashmiri homes , shovels (Krush) while working in kitchen garden you remember to bring milk from outside please carry this along with you , it has the power to kill instantly with one blow and the important part you can dig the grave there and then and bury the criminal with no traces left

  7. Women always carry safety pins with them make sure you make good use of them when braid cutter attacks you

  8. Always accompany someone when going out especially in villages
  9. Keep an emergency dial on your phone to the nearest person around the home vicinity

There is no let up in the braid cutting incidents with more occurrences reported from Anantnag, Kulgam, Budgam and Bandipora districts

60 such incidents were reported from Rehari, Kathua, Samba, Jammu, Rajouri, Reasi, Doda and Udhampur districts of Jammu region.

The multiple incidents have let the authorities surprised and clueless since not a single person has been caught yet ,it seems surprising no one has seen the braid chopper in Kashmir. Most of the victims are found unconscious after the incident. It seems the person intoxicates its prey unconscious before chopping of the braid and then leaves unnoticed.

This does not seem the case of any mysterious psychopath creating havoc and fear in Kashmir but it looks like a proper network of people working together to commit this crime profoundly.
Surprisingly the incidents happen only to  women who are likely alone and no one is around to hear there cry which means the braid chopper selectively chooses his pray.