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Reporting on Kashmir from both India and Pakistan mainstream media is deeply politicized and reflects the tension between the two countries.

Media in Indian-administered Kashmir are generally split between pro- and anti-secessionist. Local journalists work under strict curfews and also face threats from militant groups. Internet access is sporadic and text messaging services are regularly blocked.

According to a 2015 report by the US-based advocacy group Freedom House, print media are thriving in Indian-administered Kashmir. Local cable TV channels are popular but face bans over the broadcast of certain content.

With the advent of FM stations alongside state-run channels, radio remains an important mass medium, particularly in rural areas.

Mass protests against Indian rule in 2010 also brought about another change in the media landscape with a new generation of voices emerging online providing platforms for public discussion. The online news sources tend to be more popular among masses where stories and news can be seen going viral. Social media has been the important source of information were thousands of pictures and videos are shared daily by Kashmiries on famous social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Print media



Local cable TV channels:

  • SEN TV
  • JK Channel
  • Take-1 TV
  • Wadi TV
  • 9 TV

Terrestrial TV:

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