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Like every region, group or community Kashmiri men to have distinct traits about them… and when you are dating a Kashmiri guy, you definitely have your own set of likes and dislikes associated with them. Let’s take a look.

1. He has the longest nose ever possible on a human being. Even a witch may be embarrassed and consider plastic surgery

2. He is the living ad of the loveliest and fairest of all fairness cream! Gosh! See how the sunlight blinds you when it touches his face!

3. Not to mention his die for red lips and cheek! Never would you ever feel so low about yourself and go in a depression! Damn you Kashmiri bf!

4. When he speaks in his his mother tongue, you feel like you are dating an exotic Persian prince. Ohh! The magic of words!

5. Whenever he is off to see his clan in KASHMIR .. you know you’ll get to taste the yummiest Khubanis, cherries, peaches and strawberries. Mmm.. SOME time meat balls too.

6. And how can you forget the refreshing and sweet Kahwa!!

7. Talking about food, his mom will treat you with (and of course by that she means to teach you) the best Rogan josh and dum aaloo you ever had in your entire life!

8. You will always get your hands on the best Firans, Pashminas and Tilla shawls. (Either his mom’s or the lavish gifts you can very well expect! ;))


9. And what beautiful ornaments! Help!! Can’t breathe!!!

10. However, it all comes at a price. Be prepared to learn by heart and perform the rigorous and strict norms of religious ceremonies, before, after and in between any given occasion. OMG!


11. He will always have a lot of chicas around checking him out despite you being right there. So, two things.. either get jealous and rip off their eyes or feel blessed to have him and deal with it! 😉

12. When you have a Kashmiri beau, even if you have a fairly average height, still when he gives you a hug, it’s always a bear’s hug… Super warm and biiig!

13. One thing is for sure, Kashmiris are too loving and loyal, so when he is your SO, be sure the apple cheeked rogue will always be there with you and just for you. 😉 🙂

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