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Running in Ramadhan

3 years ago, if anyone talked to me about running in ramadhan, I would have seriously suggested a mental check up. Running is hard, and running in ramadhan is harder, some may even say “insane”. But this ramadhan, I decided to give it a try.

        I would be lying if I told you that I was committed to run the whole month from the very get go. But it was rather a “testing the waters” approach to start with. For first few days of ramadhan, which are always the hardest, I started with 5-10 minute runs and even those felt downright reprehensible. After those few days, I went onto run my usual roads, beautiful landscape around Dal Lake and gulp  bouts of fresh air, all pain seemed to go away. (You can find more here ) Agony gave way to pleasure and agitation gave way to contemplation.

         As I started elongating my runs step by step, fear of dehydration and injury started creeping in. Running with a 17 hour fasting body is a scary and horrendous thought. But with little careful planning of hydrating myself properly in the non fasting period helped me feel more than better in this ramadhan. I kept sipping water throughout the night and increased fruit intake. Dates proved to be of great help also. Ofcourse no two runners or for that matter two humans are same but one has to test various options to have the most of ramadhan.

       Giving up running for more than a month wont have been an easy thing for me, just because I would have missed the pleasure of pounding the pavements. Comes out though, that not only  running in ramadhan isn’t as hard as it seems but it can  also aid you in have a better ramadhan. That said , I don’t mean that I ran as much mileage as in non ramadhan months but I ran fewer less (very less) intense miles,  & manytimes just a mile. But the positives started feeling soon after. I cant explain this but my energy levels shot up. My qiyaam ul layl got pleasant and my concentration much focussed.

      I ran just 30 minutes before iftar, so iftari drinks and fruits never tasted better than this time. And the sense of accomplishment that comes after running with a fasting body cant be explained at all (lame excuse as I have to leave for a run ri  Right now).

      I made a decision to “test the waters” this ramadhan. And I m happy, I made that decision.