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Naseer Hazari one game away from beCOMING THE KSL champion again twice in a row

Naseer Hazari (C) Razekadal Superheros ,a prominent name in UAE Cricket and X- Ranji J&K team would be facing Rajbagh Royals second time in the Kashmir Super league finals. The question many kashmiris would be asking , can Naseer Hazari beat Rajbagh royals again.

Naseer also know as captain cool will be leading the Razakadal Superheros in the all important finals. The finals of second edition Kashmir super league is going to be played in Dubai International stadium with large numbers of Kashmiri crowd expected to come today and support the teams.

Rajbagh Royals on the other hand is lead by experienced Mohsin Mutto who is again playing the second final of the Kashmir super league. Mohsin Mutto also know for his elegant batting style would be expected to perform well if his team has to win.

If we compare both the teams on paper, then both the teams are balanced equally.

Razekadak Royals have played 8 matches in total won 6 ,lost 2 ,scored 1301 Runs and took 58 total wickets.

The key players for Razekadal Royals would be Ubaid Lone ,Majid and Naseer Hazari. Ubaid Lone and Majid are both top order batsman . If they give a team good start and go through the initial 6 overs then Razekadal Superheros have a good depth battling to consolidate on building a good team total. Gulzar also plays a vital role in Razekadal Superheros batting. If he gets going then it become difficult for opposition to restrict the flow of runs.

Rajbagh Royals on the contrary have also played 8 matches won 6 and lost 2  , scored 1270 Runs and took total 68 wickets

The key players for Rajbagh Royals would be Sufyan and Mohsen. It has been a trend in all Rajbagh wins to see Sufyan and Mohsen give them a good start and one of them play long innings. The batting of Rajbagh Royals is mostly dependent on these two top players followed by Junaid Shah. The bowling of RR has not been much impressive , a lot would depend on their strike bowler Shuhaib to give them early breakthroughs

It’s going to be a great game of cricket today and the difference between winning and loosing side would be much decided on the temperament of the teams they take in to the field. It is going to be a pressure game and this game is going to be much like last KSL Final. Razekadal Superheros being a downtown team would generally have good crowd cheering and it would not be easy for Royals to play under pressure.Naseer Hazari (C) Razekadal has been their in pressure finals and he has been in many pressure finals but the question would again remain can Naseer hazari do it again.