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” This one was worthy of a Final”

My body still aches, my voice still recovering, my mind still drained and it probably hasn’t sunk in yet but I wouldn’t know for another week till I recover from what happened this past Thursday night at the BITS ground in Dubai.

I can safely say this is the feeling of every player who played in the KFL 2 Final, but I can assure you most people who were there, weren’t feeling a whole lot different…..other than the physical aspect that players went through, spectators were getting louder with every minute passing by and their voices getting coarse every second…..which reminds me of the Cliche “This was worthy of a Final”

This cliche gets repeated a lot but this time it aptly describes the Grand Finale that lived upto its reputation and much more.
An exhilarating final that went to over time with over 200 people cheering on, wasn’t over till the final whistle blew and send the Gulmarg Leopards into delirium after they were on the brink of losing the final, just 4 minutes left to salvage their pride.
As close as a match can get, with GL winning by one goal (3-2).
Gulmarg like all season had to come from behind to win it and this time were stretched further into overtime by a resilient Sonmarg who didn’t give up till the last second.
Alas! Only one team can be victorious and it had to be The Gulmarg Leopards this time who had lost in a heart breaker last year on penalties.

The ebb and flow of the game, the shots, the dribbles, the very long thrown ins, the emotional and vocal crowd, every supporter had become a coach shouting on the sidelines, the energy was unreal, the atmosphere surreal, and the teams gave the crowd a match they will remember for a while.

At the end of the day, the KFL family was victorious, the Kashmiri bond stronger, the brotherhood tighter and the spirits higher.
I am glad I was part of all this and I can safely that for most people who were there would feel the same.
Till another KFL season starts….. so long.


Blog by Faizan Shah Malik