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WTF Headlines by Hindustan Times – When was Last Normalcy returned to Kashmir Valley

When i see the headline from the prominent news papers of India on Kashmir issues , news and problems its send a notion of proclivity and as a Kashmiri reader you feel horrible. Information about Kashmir is deceitful always and general audience  fall astray about the actual truth.  It’s understandable why Indian Media remains quite cautious on reporting Kashmir but the impact which its biased news has put on general Indian audience is inevitable. You are indirectly blaming separatists for Kashmir not to be normal and this is read by thousands of Indian but not a single post or news is given about the injustice and wrong doings of security personals.

Now this is completely insane for Kashmiri to accept that Kashmir normalcy is disrupted by a strike call and not by the ongoing killings and bloodshed. i want to understand who are you fooling and why ? Doesn’t the world know the actual truth pertaining in the kashmir valley.Their are global news channels reporting on Kashmir and the most powerful of all social media is flooded with pictures ,videos of ongoing kashmir crises. It seems the media is only satisfying the conscious of the nation at a cost of loosing kashmir.