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Humans crying since decades

Humans crying since decades? But why world isn’t doing anything? A big question in my mind since I started exploring the history of  Kashmir.
Kashmir was split between India and Pakistan when the two nations gained their independence from Britain in 1947. From the late 1980s until today a brutal insurgency has pitted Indian security forces and police against Islamic militants, some backed by Pakistan, and separatists in the former princedom.
Tens of thousands have died in the conflict, mainly civilians, and both sides have committed serious human rights abuses. In recent years the violence has declined, but the dispute over the region continues to fuel deep animosity between the two nuclear-armed neighbor’s, while many Kashmiri’s continue to demand independence from both, or at least a greater degree of autonomy.
There have long been allegations of torture and arbitrary detention by Indian security forces during the conflict. In 2010, leaked diplomatic cables revealed a briefing by the the International Committee of the Red Cross to US officials that details a range of abuses in detention facilities run by the Indian army as well as by local police and paramilitaries.
Lately six soldiers, including a colonel and a captain, were given life sentences by a court martial for their role in the 2010 killing of six local Kashmiri civilians, whom they had falsely claimed were extremist infiltrators in order to gain a cash reward. The incident prompted widespread rioting and anger.
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