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Why Kashmir is presently the only Bizarre Buzz on Social Media ?

Facebook addiction shows neural pathways similar to that of cocaine addiction was Reported by Indian Express  on the basis of research conducted by California State University-Fullerton. If the are to be believed, they say social media obsession may lead to something akin to classical addiction and spending excessive time on Facebook or other social media can be as dangerous as addiction to cocaine or gambling?

Now imagine the word “K” which is being discussed religiously,rebelliously and continuously on top Indian media channels, a negative image profiling of entire Kashmirs is being done deliberately under a planned way to propagate political agendas which further add to alienation of all Kashmirs. The news is then further circulated on social media pages of these media channels which is read by millions further adding fuel to fire. Social media has a tendency to be far more dangerous than Tv channels when in come to spreading of information.

Why I say so is because at least the previous arguments of the Kashmir issue were addressed within a secular framework. Many in the Valley preferred India because of its secular nature. Now, that very secular India is under tremendous pressure however, Modi had categorically said that he doesn’t need any advice from anybody as far as Kashmir is concerned, and that he knows how to deal with the situation.

The government must understand that Kashmir’s problem is because of accumulation of political, social, and human factors and not merely because Pakistan is trying to make inroads in Kashmir.

The PDP-BJP government is the most unpopular government Kashmir has seen in the last decade. So even if the government tries to reach out to people through social media, it won’t make much of a difference for its public relations now because I think it will face similar kind of criticism on social media to the one it faces on ground,” says Irfan Mehraj, an activist with the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) and editor of e-magazine Wande.

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Quora  a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users have noticed a considerable numbers of users discussing and asking questions related to Kashmir. The ‘K’ word  popularity has seen many Kashmiri trending users being blocked by the site for reasons of objectionable content which does not end their ,Thousands of questions and answers are being added with increasing activity on K- word.

Quora: Do the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution to all Indian citizens also apply to Jammu and Kashmir?

Quora : How long will Hindus survive in “Jammu and Kashmir”?

Users are not ashamed to ask such irrelevant hate questions which tend to connect and target specific community. The content is then circulated along popular social media sites adding more hate and fake information acceptable to millions of users across internet. The information is targeted to specific groups to ascertain outrage and viral spread of information adding to more misreads/bad-reads reshaping people of Kashmir by negative profiling and damaging the image of entire people of Kashmir

“Social media is an amplified reflection of the real and digital neighborhoods in which they live, a unique advantage of social media is that it can be used to bring people together and allow users to experience things they may not get a chance to which unfortunately is not the case when so much hate and promoting false propaganda is around.Adversely, social media can make tensions between people even worse and presenting Kashmir is a negative way has already adversely effected the mentality and outlook of Indians against Kashmir.