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Does “Anupam Kher” have Problem with KASHMIRI MUSLIMS

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is attracting a lot of attention when it comes to Kashmir, And one can’t even say for either good or bad reasons. It is now for a long time that the actor has set himself up as the champion of the rights of Kashmiri Pandits. He participates in Pandit protests and makes vitriolic speeches against Kashmiri Muslims who, in his view, are collectively responsible for the exodus of the Pandit community from the Valley.

Anupam Kher leave no stone unturned in order to show his interest in any kashmir issue or controversy. His series of tweets come soon after some incident takes place in Kashmir in relation to on going protests or killings. Anupam kher has also shown his unhappiness on movies made on Kashmir who had also opposed ‘Haider’ at the time of its release, blasted Vishal Bhardwaj in a series of tweets and called Vishal ‘fraudish’

Anupam Kher has showing astonishing sympathy towards KP’S soon after the BJP came into power and Mr. Kher had been propagating KP issue since BJP started promoting Modi as the PM candidate. Anupam Kher’s phenomenal rise, in the political esteem of many Hindutavaadis and fascist elements following his dubious march against award-returners, and the corresponding decline in his stature and esteem as a respectable Kashmiri for many Kashmiris like me, reminds me of a German actor named Gustaf Grundgens, immortalised on screen, by Klaus Maria Brandauer in Istavan Szabo’s masterpiece Mephisto, who in his quest for power and greater glory abandoned his conscience and good judgment to serve Hitler’s Nazi Party. In Kher’s case though, one cannot be certain whether charging him with abandoning his conscience and good judgment is even appropriate till one is certain that he had either of those to start with. I am certain, however, that he was a happy go lucky, jolly good fellow till something hit him hard about two years ago: It was Modi.

Anupam Kher however has never lived in Kashmir and has not gone through any hardship or exodus which Kashmiri pandits faced at the time of 90’s.He been trolled in-numerous times on social media for acting callous and his sudden change in character for being BJP’s corresponding person.

“A person who has never lived in Kashmir has started a fight for Kashmiri Pandits. Suddenly, he became a displaced person.” – Naseeruddin Shah on Anupam Kher.

Anupam Kher sent an open warning that people should not take panga with our soldiers.

This is when Kher and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor got into a Twitter war after Tharoor made a comment on Kher’s statement, “I am scared to be called a Hindu”, and Kher called him a “Congi chamcha”.

Like India before and after Modi, the Anupam Kher of today and of old is not the same person. Like many of our uncles, aunts and close relatives, who had kept their disagreeable political views to themselves earlier, but do not seem to be able to resist articulating them now, Kher too has done or said nothing that is at any odds with present day mainstream Hindutva thinking and discourse. But that he has also taken upon himself the mantle to represent the Pandit story and thereby push it determinedly into the majoritarian Hindu camp should, however, be a cause of serious concern to every secular Kashmiri – Hindu or Muslim – even if the intellectually-stilted, so called liberal, emasculated secular Indian has given up on them already as people of no consequence.