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Ops ! Kashmir looses interest in Pakistan Cricket  !  What have “KASHMIRIES” learned from India vs Pakistan Cricket Matches

What’s a match between India and Pakistan match if it’s not dense with tension, full of nervous anxiety, and that additional dash of competitive energy? To bring in the cliché, with so much emotion invested it is not simply cricket, it’s war. It’s war of the primitive kind, announced by loud drum beats of nationalist pride, the cacophony of partisan passion and driven by the sole motive to decimate and humiliate the enemy.

If this question means that Kashmiris support Pakistan just because Pakistan is a Muslim state, it’s too general a statement. There are Kashmiris who don’t support Pakistan, may be because of the troublesome fringe elements inside that country. Similarly, Kashmiri Muslims sympathize with all other Muslim majority countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, KSA etc. and not just Pakistan. Islam talks about Muslim Brotherhood/fraternity which transcends nation, race, culture and all that.

However, almost all the Muslims of Kashmir support Pakistan OVER India! Why?

Well, if Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus of Jammu can show open support for India, why not? If Dogra Maharaja, a Hindu ruler of a Muslim majority state had an inclination towards Hindu-majority India, why not?

Kashmir is a disputed state. People have been deprived of their fundamental right- Right to Self-Determination. Any nation, any people who sympathize with our painful condition, support our cause and raise their voice in our support at international level will obviously enjoy back the sympathy and support of Kashmiris. It could be any country. It could even be China for that matter. Guess what? It’s Pakistan! They may have their own national interest in it, someone might say, but who cares as long as both are benefited.

Kashmirirs love for cricket can be glorified to the old days of 90’s when Pakistan could come better on India on most of the games and the hearts of Kashmiris would rejoice each moment. The Love of Indo -Pak cricket clash could be seen days before the actual match and celebrations after the match would be there on streets with reference to humiliate the Indian forces residing in the valley.

The times have changed so has the cricket in both nations . Indian Cricket Team has come better on Pakistan team since 15 years now and the craze of the Indo -Pak matches have lost to Kashmiris who are now used to humiliating defeats.

Why are we referring to the matches in the past tense? There’s a reason. The raw passion in an India-Pakistan contest has long evaporated. Nationalist sentiments on both sides have got stronger as have mutual acrimony and bitterness but these no more reflect in cricket matches. It could be because the equation between the two sides have become grossly unequal . India has gradually emerged as a powerhouse while Pakistan has shrunk in capability and reputation. An Indian victory over Pakistan is taken for granted these days and thus the high tension and sense of anxiety are gone.


  1. Kashmiries have lost the faith in Pakistan cricket and frequent loosing has transferred love in to hate.
  2. Most Kashmiris fear the defeat even before the start of the match. If a Toss is lost and Pakistan has to chase , the game is lost for them already
  3. Shame on social media , many Indians know the situation in KASHMIR , and many Kashmirs are linked to pro -Pakistani sentiments for supporting the Pakistan cricket over Indian cricket,  the frequent losses have taken the toll of humiliation not only on social media but also on persona/professional social life and social gatherings with Indian colleagues and friends  , which in-turn has affect the fan following from Kashmir.
  4. India Pakistan contests used to be exciting when both the teams were equally contested and one teams loss was remembered and taken as a revenge in another days match.
  5. Frequently loosing in all world cup finals and frequently loosing in ICC CHAMPIONSHIPS has made life pathetic for Kashmiries supporting Pakistan team.
  6. From Lahore to  Eden Gardens Kashmiries suffer the most



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