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What kind of freedom do Kashmiri people want?

Our History has Bewildered us.We have seen Oppression throughout our history.
Paradise on Earth has been a Paradise for travelers, tourists and conquerors.But never for its Natives.

This is what happens to an attractive flower, everyone wants to pluck it. No one is willing to water it.Everyone wants this beautiful land but no one cares about its people.We have always yearned freedom,From Afghans,From Dogras, From Sikhs,From India and Pakistan.

India imposes AFSPA on Kashmir because of the terrorists supported by Pakistan.

What did poor Kashmiris do? Sympathize with Terrorists?

Yeah we did!

Because religion blinds humans, doesn’t it? Religion makes promises. The insecure oppressed masses survive on hopes and promises otherwise we would die of despair.

Seriously Kashmiris can’t define their freedom.Especially the new generation like myself . We are fed up with so many different opinions.Independent Kashmir.Pakistan.Nizami Mustafa.India.Bharat.Hindustan.ISIS.American dream.Freedom of speech.Religious freedom
It would be relieving if we had a wrong opinion than this muddled up, chaotic cacophony .We don’t exactly know what we want. But we do know that getting harassed by army for walking on a street is not fair.
We know we have a right to protest in a democracy and getting killed for it is not democratic.We know getting locked up inside our homes for months is depressing .
Taking away our Internet for more than 50 days in 21st century is cruelty.Blinding the innocents is monstrous.

We know all this and we want an end to all this.

We want to walk down the streets without getting harassed.We don’t want camouflage flashing through the streets.We hate guns,we don’t want to see deadly weapons in the gentle weather.

We don’t want stones being hurled at fellow human beings. No blood running down the pavements,no air filled with anger. We want to erase the warfare vocabulary from our lexicon.We don’t want to hear terms like tear gas pellet guns AK 47,Grenades.Why do we even know these horrendous terms?
We want to go to schools ,educate ourselves ,interact with people
We want to feel like normal civilians.

We want Freedom from our history,the history that taught us humans don’t have hearts.But we want to defy history ,we want to stand up and say “No ,History,humans have hearts,democracy has proven it”.
We want Worlds Largest democracy to act like a democracy.

Article Source : Quora
Blog : Baba Hanan