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What the hell is wrong with Kashmiris?

For last 30 or so years Kashmir has occupied much of the news space than any other Indian state for all the very wrong reasons. The days when word Kashmir isn’t spoken on the news bulletins must be very few. So what the hell is wrong with Kashmiris?

1. They ask for freedom:

A great Indian freedom fighter once brilliantly put it —“Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it”. So it turns out that Kashmiris hold him very highly and demand freedom from occupation. That is too demanding of course because Indians deserve freedom and Kashmiris don’t.

2. They want promises to be fulfilled:

In 1947, the then Prime Minister of India promised plebiscite to Kashmiris whereby they will have the free will to chose to merge with India or Pakistan. The plebiscite was never held and the promise never fulfilled. Dumb Kashmiris cant get their head around the fact that a promise with a nation is no legal or moral binding.

3. They ask for Human Rights:

It is a fact that Kashmiris each day are subjected to violations of every sort by the state. Torture, physical as well as mental are rampant. It is the world’s most militarized zone with more than 7 million troopers with most draconian of laws giving absolute immunity to armed forces. No human in general and no Indian in particular is against respecting Human rights but they aren’t sure whether Kashmiris are humans or not?

4. They want something outside Indian constitution:

Freedom is outside Indian constitution. It isn’t a value, so it is given , held by the Indian constitution. It is downright Indian history that a value lacking in Indian society at a particular time has to be reinforced and held by glue through putting it in the book. Take the example of word “secular” figuring in the preamble of Indian constitution. It was put in there only when the communal flames were aghast in the country. A value or an idea lacking ground has to be supported the most. It is the same reason that Indian politicians have to cry every night and day that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Had it been an integral part , they wouldn’t have to needed to say it. But Indians cant go outside Indian constitution. It is the laxman rekha and Kashmiris need to stop exploring the outside possibilities.

5. They want the bloodshed to be stopped:

Yeah fine they want the bloodshed to be stopped vide a solution to Kashmir dispute which is in line with the aspirations of its people. But India is the worlds largest country in the world. They can afford to lose lives, whether civilian or combatant. So no concern here.

6. They want peace:

But then what is Indian government going to threaten its masses with. An outside threat takes the eyes of masses away from its inside threats. They surrender their senses and their privacy to the Big brother and let the Big Brother protect them. So in all together what Kashmiris want is utter unfair and immoral. They ask for things and that is what is wrong with Kashmiris. And that is very wrong indeed!!!!!

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