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Court grants bail to class 3 student held by police

A court in Srinagar on Tuesday granted bail to a 9-year-old boy who was arrested following clashes at Safakadal on Friday.
The boy, a class 3 student at SSM school Noorbagh, had gone for his after school tuitions to Safakadal. At 3:30pm, the family says, he was returning home when clashes erupted between police and local youth in the area. Police, they say, caught hold of the boy and took him to police station Safakadal.

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An FIR (59/2017) was lodged at the police station under Sections 147, 148, 149, 152, 427, 336 of the RPC against the boy. He was brought to court for judicial remand on April 29 and was sent for two days to a Juvenile Home in Harwan by the court as his bail application had not been filed by his family by that date.
According to Ghulam Nabi, uncle of the juvenile, “My nephew was falsely implicated by police. He is not a stone-pelter. He is just nine years old. He was kept at Safakadal police station without any justification.”

The uncle said that the boy had gone to Safakadal to pay the tuition fees to his teacher. “I don’t understand what kind of law is being applied here in Kashmir that a Class 3 student is subjected to such harsh treatment,” Ghulam Nabi said.
“His mother is ill as she couldn’t bear the shock. She lost her husband a few years ago and now her only hope is her son. I want to ask the authorities why these young minds are being pushed towards darkness,” Ghulam Nabi said.
The court on Tuesday accepted the bail application filed by the boy’s uncle and released him on a bail bond of 20,000 rupees.


News Source :Kashmir Reader