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Who killed whom

As soon as India got its independence from Britain in 1947 and as soon as Pakistan came into existence, there was the rise of conflicts in the region and every then and now those conflicts kept disrupting the peace of the State, especially in the “Kashmir valley”.
Now, if we talk about the rise of these conflicts we must not look upon the rise of this era since early 90’s or late 19th century. But we must look upon the main reasons of the rise of this era which actually began as soon as India was divided.

So, let me put forth some points to describe the main reasons behind the present day violence in the State:

As India (India & Pakistan) was under British rule for about a century, but the state of J&K was independent at that time. So, we must not relate it with the partition of India when even the State was not a part of India during British Rule.

As soon as India & Pakistan got independence in August 1947, there was massacre in the Jammu region in the following month, which was done by the Right Wing extremists of that time. And as per a report by a special correspondent of “The Times”, published on August 10, 1948, a total of 237,000 Muslims were either killed or forced to leave Jammu during that genocide (From September 1947 to November 1947), which should not have happened because the state of J&K was in noa sense linked with the partition of India. And the Muslims who were killed or forced to migrate to Pakistan were not residents of India, but they were the residents of the Princely Ruled State of J&K.
After that genocide except some incidents the state was in peace for some time. But again the peace was lost as soon as the Muslims of the state started asking for their Rights (especially Right to Self Determination), which were Promised by India.
And this time the clashes started in Kashmir division, which consists of majority of Muslims. Some reports mention that some Hindus were killed and some were displaced from their actual residences and reports mention about 20,000 Hindus were either killed or displaced due to this conflict.
So, now if we compare the numbers here 237,000 are many times greater than a mere number 20,000. And whenever we talk about the Plebiscite, the right wing extremists always mention the point of bringing back of the displaced Hindus to Kashmir first which is actually appreciated by Kashmiri Muslims. But why don’t those extremists mention about the point of bringing back the displaced Muslims, who were forced to migrate to Pakistan from Jammu region or who were killed.
Is it a form of hypocrisy ?