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Kashmiri miss rides a bike, a fallacious lad with 5 cricket nationals under her belly

Meet Iqra haling from District Baramulla of Kashmir often seen carrying a bat and playing cricket.Iqra a young tom boy of Kashmir often mistaken as a boy and seen roaming on the streets of Dinjewaja along with her cricket kits. Iqra is a young teenage girl full of life , dreams and aspires to be a cricketer.

Iqra belongs to a lower middle class family , her father owns a Bakery Shop in Baramualla . Her family like any other family supports their daughter and her jaunty nature does not make much difference to her family however she also faces the criticism of conservative people in town who do talk about her activities.

She sometimes gets bothered , however her family has supported her always, she sometimes has to hide her activities and play cricket, says Iqra”. Iqra has played cricket nationals in Jammu , Pune and Goa and aspires to play more and reach to the next level sadly the sports administration does not provide much facilities and that has stopped her from excelling In this sport category.

Her mother is very proud of her daughter and treats her just like any other boy in the family but she also gets disheartened by the people having low mentality towards her daughter and who criticize her activities.

Iqra holds 5 cricket Nationals
Iqra playing cricket in her house with friends and family

There are many talented Kashmiri girls who are not allowed to play and she wishes girls like her are given freedom to express themselves and excel in various sporting fields ,says Iqra.

She has appealed to CM of the state to provide a personal coach and provide proper platform to facilitate her cricket.