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Equality in ToonState

Toonstate is a equalitarian state. Commontoons strictly believe in equality of all toons. All toons are equal. But like every other rule this rule had more exceptions than inclusions. There were clear cut hierarchies in toonstate- with Commontoons always at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder.  Commontoons in themselves were not “unclassified” as well. Commontoons strongly held to a system of beliefs that made them have faith in equality of all toons.” No toon shall look down upon another toon”—was a fundamental tenet of toon beliefs. Commontoons strongly believed in “the tenet”. However some remarkable innate talent of commontoons made them simultaneously hold to apparently  a contradictory system of beliefs as well. There were classes in commontoons.  There was a hierarchical order among commontoons that was assigned by birth. Commontoons never blatantly accepted that some toons were of “lower class” or of “higher class”. Such an assertion would clearly collide with equalitarian system of their beliefs. Instead commontoons used flank approach. All commontoons are equal but ones birth and origin was believed to have a bearing on ones behavior and nature.  Parental grooming and proper guidance could temporarily shade away the “call of blood” . However, eventually ones “call of blood” would suppress any grooming and guidance. Birth in a particular clan could only decide how noble or servile a person could be. Birth in certain clans guaranteed patrician and high virtues while as in certain others ensured proletarian and docile characters.  Something in between existed as well—Birth in certain other clans ensured passable characters. It was something “in between” two extremes.”. Birth in a particular tribe also affected ones adaptability for certain professions. The commontoons from higher clans were “people of book”. They were the ones somehow excepted to have best knowledge of book even if they never read a word from it or applied in their lives. Commontoons from lower clans would get them to their homes to recite from the book for which the upper class commontoons would charge a hefty amount. Lower class Commontoons didn’t found themselves pure enough to read the book themselves on the grounds of their “lowly” birth. Over the centuries they had developed some kind of fear of the book—like it was incomprehensible for them to understand or they would be cursed if they touch it. It was after all, the higher class commontoons that had all the say in religious affairs. Lower class commontoons could only follow the verdicts of higher class commontoons. Lower class common toons were free to opt for a profession of their choice except for the level of difficulty and atmosphere for making into “higher class centric profiles”.  In fact, classes in toonstate were formed on the very basis of profession. Commontoons held deeply that all professions are essential for smooth functioning of society but again the remarkable innate talent made it possible for them at the same time to believe that certain professions were lowly while others were highly. Over time the toonstate had developed a rugged system that made it difficult for clans to switch between professions. And hence the system of class was formed. Commontoons however still believe in equality of all toons in the eyes of law, in the eyes of the creator and in their own eyes as well. There was nothing like untouchability amongst commontoons. After all, all toons were equal. However, toons were very specific about the class when it came to finding a suitable mate. No high class toon would like to pollute his blood by getting a spouse from lower class. Lineage was important after all.  Some toons pointed to its religious preference as well . However it was higher class toons whose word stood in such matters. And not surprisingly , they agreed with the importance of lineage in most matters. A whole tribe  could find itself ashamed  if its one toon married someone from a lower class toon. It was believed that a lower class toon could become the curse for the whole clan. It could have effects to the extent of affecting the marriage chances of other toons of the clan. Every tribe had a relative position in the “class ladder”—some tribes were highly, some were at par and some where lowly. But still Toonstate was a equalitarian state.


(This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any Kashmiri–,place, situation,living or dead or “disappeared” is merely coincidental, yes. Believe it if you  want to at your own risk.)

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