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Why Arundhati Roy’s is Kashmir’s most beloved daughter

Arundhati Roy’s tends to be Kashmir’s most beloved daughter and admired personality.The youth of Kashmir follows her speeches and comments. They distinguish her from the rest of India and treats her as one of her own. Arundhati Roy’s reputation has been same throughout Indian states of uprisings and resistance.Arundhati Roy’s connects with Alienated Kashmiris as she is the only one from Indian state who is personifying Kashmiris. Their are many from Pakistan who speak for Kashmiris rights but Kashmiris have found very few Indians who sympathize with their grievances which is the reason why Arundhati Roy’s has found many admirers in the valley.

Arundhati Roy’s pronouncement “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India” . These words may exasperate an Indian nationalist, but they are hardly unusual, and if they are considered inflammatory and capable of inciting hatred, then something is indeed rotten in the state of India.

Historically, India was understood as a geographic construct.  It emerged as a unitary nation-state under British rule. Kashmir was then as much a part of India as any of the other 500-odd princely states. And yet, Arundhati Roy, who won the Booker Prize for her novel, “God of Small Things” in 1997 and who has since become an outspoken critic of the Indian state.

Notwithstanding history, the question of the status of Kashmir is important and must be resolved. The government of India’s position on Kashmir has changed over the years from what it was soon after or just preceding independence on August 15, 1947 until the consolidation of its control over the Kashmir Valley and Jammu through a political consensus built by Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru’s promises to respect the will of the Kashmiri people following the end of the first Indo-Pak war and the cease-fire that followed.

However , the popularity of Arundhati Roy’s in kashmir is due her sympathy towards the people of Kashmir and her stand as a sole Indian towards the will of self-determination for the people of Kashmir.

Ms Roy’s comments about Kashmir have come after the deaths of dozens of protesters in the Kashmir valley since new demonstrations for autonomy erupted. The once-independent kingdom has been fought over since 1947 when its Hindu ruler decided the Muslim-majority state should join independent India, rather than the newly-created Pakistan.

Arundhati Roy habit of speaking out against various injustices has helped her gain more supporters in Kashmir and repugnance in India. Last October TV channel flagrantly were seen attacking writer-activist Arundhati Roy for a speech she made in favour of Kashmir’s independence from India

Arundhati Roy has now stepped forward to draw the world’s attention to the plight of Kashmiris.

“The truth of what is happening in Kashmir needs to be told,” she said.”Brutality by the state and the silencing of reporters is no option for a modern India.