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22  Things Every Kashmiri Girl Gets To Hear Till She Is Engaged

The day when a girl is born in Kashmir family , the first thing that comes to the mind of her parents is to think about her marriage and how to get her married to a good family. Kashmiries are like Koor Chi Nakhe walen wain ( Bachi ki shadi karwani hai ab )

The girl has just been born and her parents have started worrying about her marriage which is likely to take place after three decades. The reason being the kind of expenditure which goes on marriage’s in Kashmir. Its not easy for every parent especially middle cast families.

Its not easy to be a girl especially in Kashmir , which is the most conservative society bound on prime rule, “ WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY “Being a girl you get to hear lot of Baatein since you grow a little”

Anshita Koul Wedding Picture – Anshita is Kashmiris popular Youtuber popularly know as Anshita Crazy Koul…

Lets Put DOWN FEW of them:

The article is precisely for girls however boys who are having loving sisters should also go through it once and share it


  1. Soon you enter the teen age, your parents keep reminding you that you are going to get married soon even though you have just turned 16. Isn’t it. Everything starts with and ends with “ pagah chui wariv gachun , taite ti karkhe yee che “ Hindi kal ko sasuraal jana hai wahe be yahi harkate karogi ?

  2. Your parents will keep training you and relate all your activities to your future marriage and imaginative in-laws ,” hatai ye mah kar , hu mah kar paga hai chui wariv gachun  .Hindi – Yeh maat karo , woh maat karo , kal sasural jana hai

  3. when your parents enter your room and find things everywhere so messy and disturbed, your parents are like, beta kya goi che , yethkaan cha rozan , kamreh ki haalath dakho , karma saaf rakha karo , tum khud ko sambal nhi sakte dosrun ko kya sambalogi “ and I am like ,” aree pahle khud to sambal jaou”

  4. Surprisingly, being a girl takes a toll on your relatives too actually everyone keeps telling you to learn how to cook food otherwise what will your SAAS think of your mom that she DID NOT TEACH you well. They expect you not only to be a cook but a master –chef in order to impress everyone around. Your parents are like “ Pagah gachek warew lukh karan kathe ,wanan maaji chi ni kihiin hechnevmich”

  5. Somehow on some rough days when you are tiered you are not even supposed to say “NO” even though your parents wont force but a strong “Tana” WILL DEFINITELY FOLLOW “ Beta korein gasei Kamara asun doer “ Hindi ,ladkiyon ki kamar mazboot hona chahye

  6. Also when you are trying to sit with ease or by any chance you are watching Tv in a relaxing posture your Grandmother will come from nowhere and say, “Kyah govm kya govm yi chi mandach..thav zanggè watith sirf chakh zange wahravan”

  7. After being tiered of all this you go upstairs into your room to have some ‘me-time’ you will be called by names like “Paying GUEST chake” kya chak paintii khachan hur , waervi te karkhe yee , yell ni aadat aasii kehen”

  8. GIRLS ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT EVERYTHING ,You are forbidden to dislike any food item, you are now trained to say no to taste buds because “ bataa adath kar sorai kehnuk , yim nakhre cheni wairve chalaan” Hindi , abi se aadat rakho sab khane ki ,ye nakhre sasural me nahi challenge
  9. Girls can’t get ANGRY, “na sa koorie shararath paze neh khalun” Kashmiri Mom’s are like,” czei kyazi chui sharaarat khasaan? Bè chas wanaan cze kya karakh pagah hashei?’  (Tumko kyun jaldi naakh chadti ha..kal ko saas ko kya karogi)

  10. You mom’s when know that you are not in Alignment and need more tuning, they use their Khandani Nuska of THREATNING YOU, Kashmiri mom’s are like ,” Hone do shadi tumhari, tumhe saas theek karegi,” (Just wait till you get married, your mother-in-law will set you straight) Shadi karni hai ya kisi jailer ke yahan umar qaid hai?

  11. NO INJURY GIRL, God forbid if you get hurt, instead of consoling all you get to hear is “Kore mohniw’as gasei haess karun (ladki ko khayal rakhna chahiye..Kuch ooonch neeeeech hogayi toh”

  12. This one is Epic! Kashmiri Mom’s try to keep everything locked till your wedding day approaches, Kashmiri mom’s are like when some relative brings any gifts or valuables from abroad,” ye thaw tulith, Pagah laegi paansi (Meaning abi istimal mat karo..Kal ko kaam aayega”

  13. Educating girls, there are constant debates over this issue,kooor gasne zyada parnaavin” and “ladki ko independant hona chahiye aj k zamane me “there is a a dilemma, we Kashmiri girls are supposed to study hard, work hard until the date of marriage arrives when finally Kashmiri mom’s are like ,” “Ye chui sorui khandaar’as taain.. naukri karke kin na, eas kya hakaw wanith”


  1. Pre Qualifications of marriage, as soon you attain the age of marriage you need to upgrade accordingly, Kashmiri relatives are like ,” Baal lambe hone chahiye (Zyutth mass chu sajaan), Chehre saaf karo ( no pimples), healthy hojao (Dieting karo) etc..

  2. When I am a Hijabi Abaya wali  girl Kashmiri Mom’s are like  “ladka’as gasi ni hijab wajin..Az kal kus chu hijab karan, Tala tull thod ye daij kalas peth”

  3. When I am a Mod Girl (Modern) with jeans and all., “Beta kameez shalwar me koi pic beijna aur zara dupata sar p rakhna.”
  1. How can I forget this when I am fat girl I have to undergo a strict diet plan and become slim fit? And when now I am a thin girl, I have to eat all the fat in the world to gain some weight. In both the cases, I have to have a zero figure.
  1. If I say “meh chu neh khander karun keh ”, Kashmiri mom’s answer would be like , meh ais treh shur chanewiz

More lines to follow:
  1. Humari umar hogayi hai. hum bimar ha.Kal kisne dekh ha..
  2. Abi shadi thodi karni h…abi to bas hum rishte dondege..ek do saal k baad kar len
  3. Jaise Ladke line me wait kar rahe hai tumhare liye

    19.You have to be dresses smartly all the time when you visit a doctor, when you attend a marriage ceremony, when you visit a    relative or any family function even at a funeral you have to be TIP TOP because your potential “SAAS” might be present. “Ye kya loguth..maecz hish chakh gamicz..gass laag kahn jaan pahan suit”


  1. Being a girl you have to compromise at all stages of life, Kashmiri Mom’s are like ,” “che chakh koor“ and yem khoth kya gos aasun wan and ghar acha ha, ladka shareef ha, kamata acha ha, end of story


  1. Your choice is doubted, soon after you reject few guys , mom’s are like ,” “Kanh ma chu nazri tal? Agar  koi hai toh bolo”

  2. Last but not the least, the universal dialogue that goes with everything is,”Zyada hi nakhre hue hai..sarr pe chade ho” This is the kind of dialogue that doesn’t even require any particular situation. You hear it all the time so once said, it goes in one ear and out the window. No matter what, our parents love us the most and they have a unique way of showing this by saying “khandar karev na pata yeeevi mal maji hinz qadar”In Kashmir, elders bless you by saying ‘Khudai soznev rutt gharè, bajah karnev myon Parwardigaar, rutt khareedar soznav‘ (Meaning May God bless you with a nice husband and family)