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Blessing in Disguise

Social media sometimes surprises with information flaunting through various sources and people from various mentalities sharing their thoughts on social issues and current affairs pretaning to present or past incidents . The analysis by such great minds surprise many and how different issues can be precieved in numerous contexts. One of the posts which we came across was so inspiring and thoughful that we felt why not sharing it with others and knowing their views about it.

Facebook post by ishtiyaq Hussain Reads :

Rich going to install CCTV’s ,middle class going to brace up windows with irons bars and poor going to stand whole night praying and seeking refuge of Allah from #braidChoppers. Thieves along with romeos are undergoing bad days these days. Dr. Sadaf munshi is really scared about the alarming rise in use of hijab by girls and women in kashmir due to threat of chopping. Strangers are afraid of talking to stranger woman ,so as to ask them addresses, she might cry out. People in families stick together at evening ,which was otherwise due to Mobile phones. Guys and dudes returned to their land and became boys again as precings and long curly hair is mistaken as sign of braid chopper. Unwanted visits by distant relatives also got curtailed to much extent. People refrain from going out uselessly. Women began to take the MEHRAM(male companionship) stuff seriously…………….

What is this braid chopping? Blessing or disguise ?

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