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Kashmiri Top 3 Social Media Influencers

1.Shah Faesal holds the top spot as a social media sensation from Kashmir since the days he topped as an IAS officer. His Facebook posts are mostly for intellectuals and very subjective although he has 90 K followers on Facebook.
His posts are usually his opinions about different situations prevailing in the Kashmir valley. He does not talk about anything particular but keeps posting about anything which he feels good about at a particular time.

He is the most criticized celebrity of the valley and often misjudged and trolled as Indian Agent. If Mr. Faesal is having a bad day at work you will definitely find the news about it on social media however Mr. Faesal has been noticed tight lipped on many other important issues prevailing in Kashmir.Its matter of contention be it politics ,social issues or any other major events happening around the country Mr. Shah Faesal leaves no stone unturned to give his opinion about it whether you like it or not.

  1. Khurram Parvez: Holds the second spot as social media influencers from Kashmir . He has almost 20 K followers on Facebook. Khuram works as a Human Rights Activist in Kashmir. Khuram also holds as master’s degree in Mass- communication & Journalism.
    Khuram association with many organization’s like Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society and Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) has gained him popularity among the youths of Kashmir. His Facebook posts are usually about the daily happening in the Kashmir valley and the autocracies done by the state government.
    Khuram has been involved keenly in social media highlighting the social and human rights violation in the Kashmir valley. His posts are serious, authentic and based on the detailed true events. Khuram is not liked by Pro Indian Nationalists and often trolled and wronged by this segment of followers however praised widely by the local Kashmiris on social media. Khuram has gained immense respect and appreciations in spreading information and creating an open forum for detailed happenings in the valley.
  2. Omar Abdullah:  The third generation family politician of Abdulla’s from the valley brags the third spot as social media influencers. Omar Abdullah Former CM of J&K, MLA from Beerwah, Budgam is often seen active on social media commonly know as twitter sensation of Kashmir. Omar Abdullah has 1.2 M followers on twitter. He seems to be giving opinion almost about every political situation in Kashmir. Tweets criticizing oppositions, Pakistan and appeasing Indian state. His tweets of good health to Indian politicians and bad dancing to Indian armed forces has always created some row and news. Whatever the case is he is the most liked and educated politicians from the valley. His following is not only restricted to the valley but keenly followed by many Indians and nationalities abroad. His tweets often trolled by separatist’s youth of Kashmir and much appreciated by Pro Indians. He is the only politician from Kashmir who makes sense when he talks and tweets.


The research is purely based on the observation of social media followers , trend in comments ,frequency of posts and active time on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This post is an collective opinion of few followers based on looking the social media activity on these profiles.