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Swami is back with his DE-POPULATION Remark on Solving Kashmir issue

Swami has hit back on Kashmir issue by quoting ,” that Kashmir Valley should be de-populated and people sent to refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.
Solution to (the) Kashmir Valley revolt is to depopulate as was done to Kashmir Valley Hindus. For a few years keep them in refugee camps in TN (Tamil Nadu),” Swamy tweeted.
Pertinently, this statement comes a day after students of colleges and University across Kashmir clashed with forces, against the forces action of Pulwama College.

Mr. swami of all times i really wonder what has gone into your mind this time ,may be you just want something to be posted on twitter as you like to be a controversial swami of all times. It’s seriously not the call of the hour to comment on Kashmir in present situation. Three nations and even the mighty United Nations have failed to give a proper solution to the Kashmir problem and you think something brilliant can come out from your tiny unused mind and twitter is the platform to post your ideas. Mr. Subramanian Swamy I strongly doubt on your Leadership skills and your political career however i am pretty sure you are the king of India in social media trolls.