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Dying Indian singer Sonu Nigam Insults ISLAM ,Tweets to get Cheep Publicity and Singing offers !!  Tries to impress  RSS /BJP

Sonu Nigam just lost 172 Million Muslim fans in India . Bad strategy to remind people that you existed.
Sonu Nigam the dying singer of India does not get to sing as often as he would like, but to get some free publicity via a free tweet post for Azaan is very cheep for such an famous artist. It takes years of hard work to gain respect among people and communities but one single mistake to loose everything. Sources say , Sonu Nigam though ,when Akshay Kumar can get a National award for cheep acting then why cant he get some singing offers by impressing RSS and right wing institutions in India. It has become a fashion in India nowadays to insult the sentiments of minorities and speak hate to get attention of a particular community and become hero overnight.

Faizan says , I woke up to the bells & Bhajans for two constant years in Jammu during my college time. Never uttered a single word, so do 172 Million Indian Muslims, they never did, why do you suddenly have issues ? Guess it is the BJP effect. Full stop !!

It is said possessing half knowledge is more dangerous than being ignorant. Being a responsible citizen of India you have a responsibility towards public, you should know how to speak ,where to speak and what to speak. Insulting Islam and quoting Muhammed (PBUH) made Islam is quit something which can create serious repercussions. This was not expected from such a artist.

Sonu Nigam lets give you some free information and advice ,Islam was not made by Muhammad SAW , it was spread by him through his message of peace and blessing towards mankind. Islam was their since the time when Adam Alyslaam was brought in to existence.Its the religion of Adam,Jesus ,Moses,David ,soloman and Muhammed (Saw ) 

We understand this situation of a dying artist who is non existence to the world and how he becomes frustrated and his insecurities become a cause of his depression. Such public display of emotion is nothing but your mental sickness which has taken a toll on you

Get well soon !!!