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A Rough day at work or a way to promote entrepreneurship in Kashmir valley

It was 2009 when Shah Faesal became the first Kashmiri to top the Indian Civil Services Examination and Prime Minister of the time Dr Manmohan Singh also congratulated him on his success since then it has been a roller coaster ride for this new internet sensation from kashmir who cant help himself being on trending news across internet every time is posts something on his Facebook Profile or tweets on any issue.

Over the years he has emerged as an icon for many and a public intellectual in J&K. He has also served as the Director School Education Kashmir. Presently, he is posted as Managing Director, J&K SPDC.

Now it seems Mr. Shah Faesal is unhappy with his job which is quite evident from his recent Facebook post where he seems to back entrepreneurship in kashmir and tells Government Job is an act of slavery ( slavery of mind and tongue )

We don’t know yet what compelled Mr. Faesal to share his inner thoughts on Facebook but it may be the way to promote the entrepreneurship program in Kashmir valley or it might be just like another rough day at work.