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Junaid was born in Barzul Srinagar in a pro freedom family. His father a prominent freedom writer, Abdul Majid Mattu and a member of a political party affiliated with the Hurriyat Conference.Junaid was educated in Burn Hall School, after which he joined Bishop Cotton in shimla.He got a scholarship to study in a Michigan State University in the United States.Junaid used to research for his father’s books which are very useful references when it comes to independent struggle of Kashmir, its history and the future.

He became friends  with Mehboob Makhdoomi and Muzzammil Ayub Thakur, two guys from very illustrious backgrounds.While Mehboob’s grandfather belongs to Kashmir’s first political party Muslim Conference, Muzzammil’s father Ayub Thakur was exiled for his pro freedom stance by Sheikh Abdullah. Together along with other Kashmiris they formed World Kashmiri Student Association, a group that advocated political resolution of Kashmir and the end to the military occupation.Junaid used WKSA to lead a March to UNMogip office,with a memorandum that categorically sought freedom from India.

After that the group WKSA disbanded with Junaid’s flirtations with pro India groups especially National Conference and Renegades.After that Junaid followed Omar Abdullah, thinking that he would get the coveted General Manager post in SRTC. He left the United States to find his opportunitism take root in Kashmir.Before WKSA was disbanded, he sought to become a position holder at Awami Action Committee, led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. He was refused any position, knowing his background.
His romance with omar Abdullah ended after he was rejected from the job at SRTC. He had publicly called Omar Abdullah “a eloquent version of his grandfather who was born into a family of traitors” on then popular social media site ORKUT a few years before that.After being humiliated by omar he went to PDP, telling them that he had some secrets of Omar Abdullah. This is the time when 2010 took place and he was on TV debates castigating Omar Abdullah publicly.
Facebook post of Voice of kashmir calls Junaid a “thug ” a political Prostitute
He was employed by Access, a company owned by Ansaris of the PDP. Aftermonths of no return from Junaid, he was told to windup from access.Here’s Junaid, hungry to bein control and in power. During this period of joblessness, he publicly lynched a guy who was flirting with his girlfriend. He was put in a police station in karan Nagar before being freed.
He finally goes to his drinking buddy, Sajad Lone who he had said “who the fuck is Sajad Lone, who has participated in Indian Elections” back in 2007.Now he’s part of People’s Conference. He starts writing a column called hope in Greater Kashmir, after which he started a workshop for writers to get brownie points and exposure among the people.During this time, he continued flirting with Omar Abdullah again. Helped by his mother who is the daughter of Ghulam Ahmed Ashai, he was planning to join national conference again. The same national conference that had victimised both sides of his family in the past.
He was scorned off by his father’s family to not join National Conference.But eventually he did. To top it off, he claimed to have a Green card which somehow is good for your resume.While he was doing his game of Thrones, he had deleted his intensely pro freedom blog that has also had a link to a petition to Syed Ali Shah Geelani to get his faction of WKSA registered into Hurriyat G. But he was refused there too.His father Abdul Majid Mattu continues writing against the occupation, while Junaid continues his adventures of opportunism.Sometimes a human rights activist when it suits him, and sometimes a Hypocritical politician, typical of National Conference.
Junaid Azim Mattu may tomorrow join BJP or even RSS, you never know. He’s a chameleon par excellance, very much suited in the politics of opportunism where they play politics of death.

Article Source : Voice of Kashmir