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UN Special Rapporteur seeks feedback on Internet gag in Kashmir

UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion & expression David Kaye has sought feedback from Kashmiris how Internet gag was affecting them.

Kaye took to Twitter and posted a news story from Buzzfeed which talked about the ban on social media in Kashmir for a month.

“I can tweet this. Can someone in #Kashmir? Share what you know via email at my profile,” he tweeted.

Kaye also thanked the netizens for responding to his tweet.

“to all who’ve responded thx. i’m interested what ppl are experiencing on the ground. do u have mobile access? internet? other media? #Kashmir,” he wrote

Kaye’s timeline was flooded with tweets by Kashmiris who talked about how the gag was affecting the students and businessmen.

They also shared some video to highlight alleged brutalities by the government forces on the students.

News source : Greater Kashmri