TOP 10 Blockbuster ” Kashmiri Freedom slogans”

There have been many interesting slogans that have been shouted by the youth and elderly alike and those have changed over time. I have heard my parents talk about some of these, while the rest I have come across during my stay there. Most of them are from early 1990s. More recent ones are most welcome.

‘Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O Akbar kehna hai’ (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar)
‘Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa’ (What do we want here? Rule of Shariah)
‘Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san’ (We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men)
“Zalimo, O Kafiro, Kashmir harmara chod do”.(O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir)
La Sharqia la gharbia, Islamia! Islamia!(From East to West, there will be only Islam)
“Islam hamara maqsad hai, Quran hamara dastur hai, jehad hamara Rasta hai”(Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life)
“Pakistan se kya Rishta? La Ilah-e- Illalah”(Islam defines our relationship with Pakistan)
Dil mein rakho Allah ka khauf; Hath mein rakho Kalashnikov.(With fear of Allah ruling your hearts, wield a Kalashnikov)
Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan (Long live Pakistan)
Is paar bhi lenge aazaadi, us pyaar bhi lenge aazadi (We will tale freedom from both sides of the border)
”Lashkar ayee Lashkar ayee, india teri mout ayee” (The fighters are coming, India will see death)
We want Freedom,Hum kya chahtey Azadi, Hum chheen ke lenge Azadi, Jis Kashmir ko khoon se seincha Wo kashmir hamara hai

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Kashmir ki azadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi
Original Post taken from Sahil Chatta ,Quora Profile

This is a piece of the history now and this shows how Kashmir thinks about their freedom moment , its the crux the common perception which goes in the minds of protestors and every Kashmiri who imagines Freedom

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and I’m sure many more creative slogans would be coming up as you read comments

ARTICLE SOURCE: Can you list a few Kashmiri freedom slogans By Sahil Chatta ,Quora