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Chinese media threatens India to Withdraw with dignity or be kicked out

The Chinese official media today stepped up its attack on India with editorials asking Indian troops to move out of Dokalam area in Sikkim sector “with dignity or be kicked out” and describing the situation as “worryingly tense”.  as  reported economic times

Chinese foreign ministry in a statement said it was planning to issue an advisory for its citizens in India depending on the security situation there.

“New Delhi’s real purpose is to turn the Donglang area of China into a disputed region and block China’s road construction there,” the editorial said as quoted in ET

“Cold war-obsessed India is suspicious” that China is building the road to cut off the Siliguri Corridor, an area held by Indians as strategically important for India to control its turbulent northeast area. India is taking the risk to betray the historical agreement and wants to force China to “swallow” the result,

Article Source : Economictimes

PM MODI busy on his international tours handling and enhancing the diplomatic ties which has left the whole world waiting for his statements on the issue . it would be interesting to see how India tackles this situation and what necessary steps are taken to bring down the boarder tension.