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Indian argument against Kashmiri freedom

Whenever baffled with a common Kashmiri simply demanding freedom from India, there are some rote answers that he gets. You ask Why? Well, if you asked “Why?, you aren’t an Indian because Indians don’t ask. They digest and then repeatedly vomit the jingoistic media narrative. And that is exactly why.  So let’s line up these arguments and make them go through a naked parade here:-

  1. Plebiscite requires removal of armies from POK as well: But then Pakistan never explicitly or implicitly denied the proposition. They have time and again reaffirmed the validity of free will of Kashmiris to decide on their own fate. Now, you know why Kashmiris wave Pak flags, even when they demand independence.
  2. Kashmiris cant exist as a separate state: Kashmir as an independent state has existed for around 5000 years. History stands witness to the fact. As a nation, Kashmir boasts of its unique culture, language, food, landscape, weather and identity. Ever thought, Why Kashmiris look different from all other Indians? Kashmir has been a centre stage of famous silk route extending from China to Central Asia. As the CPEC gets into gear, even Pro India politicians want a bout. Cant blame them. Or we can, may be. Add to that, our hydroelectric potential with conservative estimates of 14000MW, Kashmir is self sufficient in itself. But if you are an Indian jingoist, just “Mind your own business”.
  3. Kashmiris ancestors were Hindus, so it should be part of Hindu State: I mean, do they even listen to themselves. Sure shot, their ancestors were apes. Better join amazon forests!!!!!!
  4. What about KPs: Did we say they aren’t Kashmiris. Of course they shall have a free vote in plebiscite. Of the violence against them, it is an unfortunate resultant. And shouldn’t have happened in any case. A lot of tragedy has marred the conflict, and KP migration is also one of them. Just to bring perspective, KMs suffered around 70000 causalities, 8000 disappearances, million maimed and entire generations tortured both physically and mentally.
  5. Not all Kashmiris want freedom: True and not all Indians wanted Modi. But majority triumphs in a democratic set up. So let it here as well.
  6. Have you seen condition of Pakistan: Yes, and we love that land, for some unknown reason. Love is always like that. If it isn’t like that, it isn’t love. It is trade. Oh, I m such a movie buff sometimes.
  7. It is never gonna happen: British never planned to leave India from its colonial boots. Despair is disbelief. Sooner or latter, it is gonna happen because history is witness to the fact that popular aspirations eventually always triumph.