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Aorin shariyari – Cosplay Queen of India

  1. Tell us about yourself

    I am, Aorin shariyari I  go  by the name of  Colour me Aorin as my cosplay ID and  PersianMeow as a gamer.

  2. What exactly is cosplay and how much potential it has in India

    Cosplay is mix of costume and role playing is a blend of both art and  fun, it is still new  in India but has been growing fast in the last few years, while the potential of turning it into a career is quite hard only a handful of people in India have succeeded.

    Aorin Representing India at Chicago comic con
  3. Tell us about the period from being a college student to an Indian Cosplay Star

    Even when I was in college I was always a gamer and into my comics and anime, cosplay started for me in 2011 while I tried to rope my friends and classmate non seem to take on the idea of cosplay except for one – Ambika dayal  I started to go to the conventions  on my own met new  people  made friends and once I started winning and getting popular I  got a job offer from  NODWIN Gaming, that was  the beginning of taking cosplay  as a hobby and turning  it  into a career.

    Photo taken in Bangalore – super nova gaming carnival – Aorin was on the judging panael with Abheesh Mathew of AIB and Japanese cosplayer Tomoko miya
  4. At the age of 20 you handled education or cosplay tell us what was going in your mind

    Same as  any  other student at  that time with an hobby, I  would use  my free  time t o work on my costume  and wait for a convention to start.

  5. You have gone against all odds to reach so far in your life. Who was your major support system?

    My boss and dear friend Akshat Rathee have been the greatest  support in my journey, he believed in me and he groomed me to become better at  my job and in life, he sees potential in people and he according to me has  played  a major role in taking cosplay and turning it commercial as his firm Cosplay Genie is the first ever to officially hire cosplayers for events and create the most number of  cosplay competitions in India.

    Photo taken in Manilla – Phillipines – Aorin was on the international judging panel with international celebrity Alodia and international Dota 2 caster Tobi wan
  6. Being settled in New Delhi and having a Persian Roots, how do you overcome this cultural barrier?

    It has always been there, but I guess that just makes me who  I  am, being it having a slight unique name or not understanding basic Indian cultural  things , it  all  adds uo to  who  I am and in  the  end I  think it doesn’t matter, I am a proud Persian thou I am an Indian citizen.

  7. In managing the image of Indian Cosplay Queen, how supportive have the fellow Delhiites been to you?

    I wouldn’t know about how Delhi people generally feel as I am usually busy with work and when I am not working I stay indoors and play games, my personal life has mixed so much with my work that one would say even when I am not in office I am  working on my work  projects.

    Hosting the Nodwin gaming live show at Mumbai comic con
  8. What is Delhi to you?

    Delhi is just a city where I stay, part of the reason I since I have been constantly travelling at least 2-3 times a month to different cities or country for work, sometimes an hotel and the airport feel like home.

  9. Where did the idea for the starting this come from?

    I have to say it started long back when i was a kid and my sis asked mom to take us to a Pokémon live show in Dubai, watching those actors cosplaying and performing on stage looked amazing as a kids point of view that was the coolest thing ever.

    Hosting the Delhi comic con live show with Lordnod
  10. Tell us about your cosplay events in India and what it takes to be at an international cosplay queen and how far is your dream to come true

    Events can be hectic, you are surrounded by people all the time and you loose count of  how many people asked to get a  picture with you, signing posters, meeting people while I  prefer events where I  am either judging or hosting as I can simply sit back  in the VIP lounge and chill but once you leave that area it will take you an hour to  walk 10 steps thou its more clam at international events  as you  get better security and I am separated from the general  crowd as the professionals players and casters have their own backstage rooms, it feels so amazing  being the only Indian cosplayer ever to work with the international celebrities in cosplay and esports.

  11. If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about making their passion as a career what would it be?

    Don’t just stop everything for cosplay always have something to fall back at since the community can be slight toxic and the struggle is like any other entertainment field – too many people but  not so many opportunities and people usually go for those who already have a fan following. Don’t give up and let your work speak for you.

  12. Your journey inspires a lot of people out there. Any message to them?

    Keep  clam and cosplay

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