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A book to read – Books in themselves provide a company that no friend or damsel can provide

First of all, let me exclude all the text books and those books that are made to read under coercion to anyone from the term books here. This is because I have very different views towards the two kinds of books. Textbooks are books by definition but rarely elicit such emotions in us as “other books-books that we are free to read or not read “.

Reading books is a characteristic professed by wise , promoted by experienced and suggested by everyone from the time the concept of book or even knowledge became known to man. Books in themselves provide a company that no friend or damsel can provide. They are like a very ideal but rare friend that is always there for you. You may leave them untouched and unnoticed on the shelf for years together but they keep calmly waiting for your attention even when from inside moths may be eating them up. They don’t complain when you give them time but when you give them time they offer everything a human heart ever yearns for–solace, peace, an escape from the tyranny of lives whenever and a beautiful company to lay along. They take you to world of inexperienced joys, feeling and emotions which in a single lifetime a human can never experience ever. They take you in situations and imbibe empathy to the extent that you forget the existence of yourself and think of yourself as characters in it. They make you ready to deal with various uneasy feeling under various situations–jealousy, envy, disappointment, despair, loneliness and so on. A well read man as such is always a gentle man. Some books simply inject knowledge  in the reader. Autobiographies for example take you go through the lives of the most influential persons that marked on the human history. You have been blessed with one life only but books give the reader a chance to live through and feel multiple lives. Books as such represent wise words in a very concise form. Books also hep the reader to put things in their proper places. We, humans, have a strong tendency with becoming obsessed with things like work, exams, people . Books let us relax and think of things in very realistic terms. Some great thinkers like Einstein and Leonardo Day Vinci were below average students. Bill Gates was a farmer. And Warren Buffet still lives in a single storyhouse. Books make us known to the world that without them are out of our reach. Books provide food for though and get our conscience working. They make us contemplate and they make us think. And they make us reflect as well. We are more than cattle. We are supposed to do more than eat, sleep and reproduce. And without books, we would have a hard time doing anything else. Human history is witness to the fact that the development of every civilization always takes place along the books and the culture of book reading.

Conceptual Books

But sadly, we are witnessing the worst ever times in terms of reading culture. Hardly, anyone reads now no matter how much time people have at their disposal. Internet, television and trash have erode us of the luxury of reading. Even the bastion of our intellectual assets are surrounded more by restaurants and dating parks rather than any public libraries or bookshops. WhatsApp is a much more downloaded app than MoonReader. This in turn has lead to a degrade of the term culture in itself. Our language has become nothing more than a code to transfer information. Our literature has either been already lost or is under process in dark dumpy libraries. Aesthetics of language are becoming unheard of. As a culture we are diluting away and becoming literate uneducated primitives. However, the choice is ours, as is being widely talked about these days,–“To be, or Not to be”.