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1,500-Year-Old Mummy’s Footwear Raises Questions

A 1,500 mummy found last spring has tongues on the Internet wagging again — this time over the shoes. The mummy’s clothing was so well-preserved and the shoes look an awful lot like Adidas shoes.


The shoes are pretty freaky, right? Although it’s been a year and a lot of research has been done, the shoe mystery remains.

The female mummy was found with a bridle, a clay vase, a bowl, an iron kettle, the remains of an entire horse, different types of Mongolian clothes, and a saddle. There were also pillows, a sheep’s head, and a travel bag.

The discovery is significant for science, but also significant for conspiracy theorists. Could this be a preserved time traveler? Is that possible?

Many believe she is. Do you?

Article source :Destination America 

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